Ceremony & Reception


The ceremony will be held at Madre De Dios Chapel in Tagaytay Midlands.


Madre De Dios Chapel, Tagaytay Midlands

Reception follows at The Veranda, just a short walk from the chapel. 🙂

The Veranda

The Veranda, Tagaytay Midlands Country Club


Tagaytay Midlands Golf Club situated amidst a dense forest 1,000 feet above Taal Lake, with a picture-perfect view of the Taal lake and volcano. This is located inside the exclusive members-only Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Club. Linking the Midlands and the Highlands is a 48-seater funicular transport system, which takes passengers to their destination while offering a panoramic view of Taal and the Midlands Complex.

As you enter Tagaytay Highlands, a map will be given to you by the guards directing you to the Midlands Country Club. You can park your car in this parking lot (picture below) and climb the stairs towards the Madre De Dios Chapel.

View of Bellvue Hotel

Midlands Country Club Parking

After the ceremony, the reception venue is just a short walk away. You can walk through a hallway connecting the chapel and the clubhouse and ride this escalator (picture below) leading you to The Veranda where cocktails, pica-pica and fun game booths and photobooths await!

Stairs/Escalator leading to Madre De Dios Chapel

Stairs/Escalator leading to Madre De Dios Chapel

Here are some maps to guide you how to get to Tagaytay Highlands:

Tagaytay Highlands Map

Via Google Maps:


Link to Tagaytay Highlands Community Map

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