DIY Engagement Video: Ge & Maan Conquer Cebu!

This is our DIY self-produced engagement video. 🙂

Armed with a camera and a tripod, we had an awesome pre-toxicity spur-of-the-moment vacation to the Queen City of the South with great weather, very relaxing accommodations, and amazingly lots of foooood!!! Here are some video clips of our Cebu trip. Enjoy!

Pictures to follow 🙂

NAIA Terminal 3
Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan
Tune Hotel Cebu City
Edge Coaster, Crowne Regency Hotel
Larsian Barbeque
Magellan’s Cross
Basilica Minore
Island Souvenirs (haha)
Maya Restaurant
Mactan International Airport

Music: Son of a Gun (We Have Fun) by For The Foxes
All shots taken using Canon EOS M & iPhone 4s
Edited with iMovie


The Ring

Getting a ring is actually the first thing that I did to finally say to myself “This is it.” the committed step. No turning back.

I remember somone telling me early this year that a good enough ring should be twice/thrice your monthly salary. WOW. Well, based from my research on the net, that rule of thumb proved to be true. I began by secretly window shopping at the different jewelry stores at Rob and saw that what I’ve saved up was actually too small for the ring that I had in mind. Haha. Then I browsed though different sites on the net — guides on choosing the right ring, mastering the 4C’s of a diamond, etc.

But the question on where to buy proved to be the more challenging question to answer. Should I buy in a mall? or meet up with a jeweler? or go to Binondo/Greenhills? Good thing some of my senior residents in surgery who’ve recently proposed and got married told me of a quaint jeweler in Binondo where most of them got their rings. SUKI na kumbaga, tried and tested too!

Customized engagement ring for Maan

So one Saturday afternoon, only three days before our anniversary, with my batchmate Alvin Chu, I went to Binondo to buy the ring. I had to make a lousy excuse to Maan that I had to cancel on our date night just so I could fit the ring-buying in my schedule. Haha.

We were offered different rings, cuts, colors, settings. I told the jeweler what I had in mind. (Well, since Maan was always hinting on what kind of ring she’d love, I had a clear picture of what I wanted to buy, hahaha) The jeweler then said she could get the diamond that I wanted in one of her rings and set in in another design that I wanted. So after two hours, I finally bought a custom-made engagement ring! It was simple but elegant, no frills, and fit well within my budget. Most importantly, I knew Maan would love it. 🙂


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