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  1. hi!!

    lovely wedding!! saw your blog when i was researching Midlands and Madre de Dios and was wondering if you could help me with a few things.

    your backdrop is just awesome, Midlands provided that or you managed to get another supplier to do it? care to share who?
    And another concern is the food, was it as good as it looks? heard they don’t allow other caterers in.

    we’re overseas so it’s a b*tch planning so far away especially when you can’t go recce the place yourself.

    thanks so much!!! =)

    • Hi Cel,

      So sorry for the late reply! Got caught up in our work in the hospital and wasn’t able to notice a comment left in our blog! Thanks for the compliment, hope this is not too late.

      Backdrop was made by our event stylist Teddy Manuel. Midlands only provided the stage and the couch. Food was alright, tasted good but was a little expensive for its quality…you could spend the same amount of money at a 5-star hotel in Manila with a much better tasting food. Thats a big drawback in choosing Midlands as a reception venue. You practically don’t have any choices for your food. But your account manager would be helpful in choosing what menu suits you best, and in scheduling your food tasting.

      Hope we helped! and Best wishes too!

      Ge & Maan

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