Our Wensha Experience

We had absolutely nothing to do last night (umm, actually tinatamad lang kami gumawa ng mga dapat gawin–papers, study for in-service), and after much discussion (to consider: Fort, MOA; rule out: Rob), we decided to try out Wensha Spa near CCP. We heard that you can get a full body massage and have an eat-all you can buffet for only around P600. Since we really need to save up, that was the cheapest option we had, and something that we haven’t tried before so off we went.

We arrived around 8 PM and there were a lot of people, a lot of foreigners. After paying P680 each, we were each given a magnetic bracelet which can unlock our private lockers. There’s a separate changing room for men and women. As I entered the changing room, I had a glimpse of the jacuzzi and the sauna… I was shocked! Everyone was butt-naked! Kahit yung mga lola na intsik with their sagging breasts and hips. Natakot ako and I quickly dressed in my robe and shorts.

I met Ge in the dining area. I was already hungry then and also excited to eat shabu shabu. But the food was a total disappointment. The shabu shabu only consisted of the following: soup, chicken, siomai, gabi, carrot, sayote, corn, leeks, and sotanghon. There weren’t even any balls! Aside from the shabu shabu, they also have rice, afritada, beef with eggplant, caldereta, spaghetti, siomai, and siopao. There was overflowing juice and strawberry ice cream that tasted like plastic balloon for dessert.

After eating, we just sat around, played Lost Winds 2 on my iPad and waited for the food to go down. We then proceeded to the separate ladies and men’s massage rooms. Yun lang, magkahiwalay ang men and women. Wala daw couple’s room? But we didn’t ask if there was additional charge to have a couple’s room.

Soon my massage began. My lady masahista had magic fingers–she had the right amount of pressure that i requested–light lang since I bruise easily. I’m really not a big fan of massages because before, instead of soothing me, all the rubbing and pindot pindot hurt me. But last night was heaven. The last few minutes was the finale, I got lifted and stretched in the air by the masahista using her legs. For that, I gave her a P100 tip. Hehe. Actually natuwa lang talaga ako na kaya nya ako buhatin. Hahahahahaha.

Arrived home around 12MN. A yummy cake would have been perfect to cap the night off, pero syempre, tiis. 😉 We would probably go back there for the massage, but really, the food was forgettable.

Yay for Weekends!

The good thing about being a Patho rotator is that I don’t go on duty every three days and that I get free weekends! I went home to Sta. Rosa yesterday. It’s nice being at home, even if I just slept most of the time. Plus, I didn’t need to spend anything because Mom and Dad took care of that. Wehehehe. Here’s my weekend in pictures!

Boodle fight!

Lunch at Blackbeard Seafood Island in Solenad 2, boodle fight style! I really liked the pakbet, i think it’s one of the besk pakbets I’ve tasted. You can’t expect much from the rest of the food because they are just the usual inihaw. The presentation was creative though. And ang daming kanin, exag.

Yummy fat crab all to myself. 🙂

Then I had to go back to Manila. On the way to our unit, we stopped by San Andres market to get some fruits. 🙂

1 kilo of rambutan and three ripe, juicy, succulent mangoes for me!

Gerald went home to QC so I’m eating alone tonight. I bought some groceries and prepared a quick dinner– shrimp quesadillas. Ingredients that I used: whole wheat flour tortillas, pizza sauce, sauteed shrimp, sauteed onions, red bell pepper and mozzarella cheese. A quick and satisfying dinner, so easy to make. I’m loving whole wheat tortillas right now, they are so versatile and you can put just about anything you want in it. Plus, it’s an entire meal in itself. Medyo messy nga lang kainin.

And for dessert, one whole ripe mango. Normally I would have eaten a cake or a chocolate… Pero kailangan mag-tiis. Hehe. The mangga was good. 😀

I have the rest of the night to myself. I could study for the quiz tomorrow… or finish my report for Wednesday… but I chose to start a new series instead. Sherlock!

Hope to have more weekends like these!