30 Days to Go!



Seriously, only one month to go??? Hehe, until now it’s still kinda hard to believe that after 9 years, here we are, 30 days to go until the start of our new life together.

No matter how hard and particularly depressing my day is, the thought of getting married soon puts a smile on my face.

Finally, all our plans are falling into place.

Can’t wait. 🙂

Stella/Slice/Jamba Juice on a Friday Night

Finally, after several weeks of bad, gloomy weather, yesterday was the perfect night to go out. Ge and I went to Bonifacio High Street Central. I love that place, there are just so many restaurants worth trying out. Traffic nga lang ang katapat when you’re coming from Manila on a Friday night.

We initially decided on eating at Nolita but it was jam packed by the time we got there. Buti na lang, or else I would have succumbed to eating so much carbs in the form of pizza and pasta. 😛 We walked around and finally settled on this place called Stella. Apparently, it is from the company that brought us Museum Cafe, MoMo, Mr. Jones and Chelsea. We’ve tried all but Chelsea. We love Museum Cafe and MoMo but Mr. Jones absolutely sucked. Buti na lang Stella didn’t. 🙂 Adjacent to Stella is the Rocket Room which is a bar which also serves food from Stella and some tapas and pica pica.

The thing unique about Stella and the Rocket Room is that it has a wood fired concept which lends its dishes a smoky kind of flavor. 🙂

Complimentary bread with roasted tomatoes and herb dip

I got the crusty rye bread and Ge got the white dinner roll with the nipple. Haha! The dinner roll was soft and chewy on the inside which goes perfect with the dip. We had to control ourselves from getting second servings so when the waiter asked “more bread, maam?” I immediately answered no. Bago pa makaorder ulit yung katabi ko. 😛

The Stella Salad | Butter lettuce, crispy bacon, sundried tomato bits, candied rosemary pistachios, buttermilk chive-ranch dressing, malagos pecorino

A very refreshing salad! Still didn’t beat Cyma’s Roka Salata though. Ge said he would have enjoyed the salad more if we ordered the ceasar salad.

Stella’s Porchetta | Pork belly stuffed with double smoked bacon, fennel, herbs, served with warm rosemary sultana sauce

The serving size was huge. We were supposed to order two main dishes but the waitress politely informed us that one meal is good enough for two. This was their sosyal version of lechon kawali. The pork belly went well with the sultana sauce. However, kahit na masarap, we found this dish too laden with fat, even the sultana sauce was not enough to get rid of the nakakasuya taste. My brother would have enjoyed this pork dish, being the carnivore that he is. We were not able to finish the two huge chunks of pork that was served to us!

Roasted Seafood “Firecracker” Fusili | Spicy olive and sundried tomato cream, dried chiles, fire roasted seafood, fresh herbs, malagos ricotta

This was our best meal of the night! There were huge chunks of shrimps, salmon and squidlets. When ordering food, I would usually go for the spicy ones. Gerald only acquired liking spicy food when we got together. Food really is an acquired taste. 🙂

We loved our Stella experience. The serving portions were big, and the price was not too expensive. The food presentation was also tastefully done.

For dessert, we headed to the other side of BHS Central…

There wasn’t anything I wanted in Slice that I thought would be worth the calories. So I headed to Jamba Juice beside it and ordered a Mango Peach Topper–yogurt parfait with mangoes, peaches, bananas, granola, muesli and nuts. When I went back to Ge nagulat ako at ang dami nyang inorder! Caramel cake, banana muffin with blueberries, and a Chocnut-coffee smoothie. The caramel cake was really yummy, it was worth the calories! The banana muffin reminded me of my mom’s baked goodies, moist and flavorful. The Chocnut-coffee smoothie had the distinct chocnut taste and it was not too sweet. My Mango Peach topper from Jamba Juice was disappointing though, masyadong maasim! i should just have gotten fro-yo from somewhere else…

Ang dami nya inorder!

Me and my Yogurt Parfait

Gerald and his Cake

Where can we find wedding cakes na caramel cake sa loob? 🙂

Banana Blueberry Muffin

Mango Peach Topper–pero bakit bananas ang topping?

Yey, it’s a very long weekend and I’m not going to PGH! Woohoo!!! 🙂

Our Wensha Experience

We had absolutely nothing to do last night (umm, actually tinatamad lang kami gumawa ng mga dapat gawin–papers, study for in-service), and after much discussion (to consider: Fort, MOA; rule out: Rob), we decided to try out Wensha Spa near CCP. We heard that you can get a full body massage and have an eat-all you can buffet for only around P600. Since we really need to save up, that was the cheapest option we had, and something that we haven’t tried before so off we went.

We arrived around 8 PM and there were a lot of people, a lot of foreigners. After paying P680 each, we were each given a magnetic bracelet which can unlock our private lockers. There’s a separate changing room for men and women. As I entered the changing room, I had a glimpse of the jacuzzi and the sauna… I was shocked! Everyone was butt-naked! Kahit yung mga lola na intsik with their sagging breasts and hips. Natakot ako and I quickly dressed in my robe and shorts.

I met Ge in the dining area. I was already hungry then and also excited to eat shabu shabu. But the food was a total disappointment. The shabu shabu only consisted of the following: soup, chicken, siomai, gabi, carrot, sayote, corn, leeks, and sotanghon. There weren’t even any balls! Aside from the shabu shabu, they also have rice, afritada, beef with eggplant, caldereta, spaghetti, siomai, and siopao. There was overflowing juice and strawberry ice cream that tasted like plastic balloon for dessert.

After eating, we just sat around, played Lost Winds 2 on my iPad and waited for the food to go down. We then proceeded to the separate ladies and men’s massage rooms. Yun lang, magkahiwalay ang men and women. Wala daw couple’s room? But we didn’t ask if there was additional charge to have a couple’s room.

Soon my massage began. My lady masahista had magic fingers–she had the right amount of pressure that i requested–light lang since I bruise easily. I’m really not a big fan of massages because before, instead of soothing me, all the rubbing and pindot pindot hurt me. But last night was heaven. The last few minutes was the finale, I got lifted and stretched in the air by the masahista using her legs. For that, I gave her a P100 tip. Hehe. Actually natuwa lang talaga ako na kaya nya ako buhatin. Hahahahahaha.

Arrived home around 12MN. A yummy cake would have been perfect to cap the night off, pero syempre, tiis. 😉 We would probably go back there for the massage, but really, the food was forgettable.

Yay for Weekends!

The good thing about being a Patho rotator is that I don’t go on duty every three days and that I get free weekends! I went home to Sta. Rosa yesterday. It’s nice being at home, even if I just slept most of the time. Plus, I didn’t need to spend anything because Mom and Dad took care of that. Wehehehe. Here’s my weekend in pictures!

Boodle fight!

Lunch at Blackbeard Seafood Island in Solenad 2, boodle fight style! I really liked the pakbet, i think it’s one of the besk pakbets I’ve tasted. You can’t expect much from the rest of the food because they are just the usual inihaw. The presentation was creative though. And ang daming kanin, exag.

Yummy fat crab all to myself. 🙂

Then I had to go back to Manila. On the way to our unit, we stopped by San Andres market to get some fruits. 🙂

1 kilo of rambutan and three ripe, juicy, succulent mangoes for me!

Gerald went home to QC so I’m eating alone tonight. I bought some groceries and prepared a quick dinner– shrimp quesadillas. Ingredients that I used: whole wheat flour tortillas, pizza sauce, sauteed shrimp, sauteed onions, red bell pepper and mozzarella cheese. A quick and satisfying dinner, so easy to make. I’m loving whole wheat tortillas right now, they are so versatile and you can put just about anything you want in it. Plus, it’s an entire meal in itself. Medyo messy nga lang kainin.

And for dessert, one whole ripe mango. Normally I would have eaten a cake or a chocolate… Pero kailangan mag-tiis. Hehe. The mangga was good. 😀

I have the rest of the night to myself. I could study for the quiz tomorrow… or finish my report for Wednesday… but I chose to start a new series instead. Sherlock!

Hope to have more weekends like these!

On creating this blog, growing up, and marrying Gerald :)

Like any other couple, Gerald and I had our share of ups and downs. Creating this blog made me realize how our relationship now has come a long way from what it was before…

Circa 2004-2006, blogging was the “in” thing then. Ge had his own blog, I also had mine. I wanted us to have a joint blog but Gerald was against the idea because he thought that a blog is where we can express our INDIVIDUALITY, and how a blog is a reflection of our OWN personalities. I was so inggit at couples then who had their joint blogs where they expressed their undying love for each other. Fast forward to now. Imagine my surprise when Ge told me he wanted US to create OUR blog to document our trips, food finds and day to day lives in PGH.

When we became an “us”, most of our iMed friends were not surprised. They saw that coming. As friends/barkada, we were very similar, we had the same tastes, interests and personalities. Some friends even said that Maan was the babaeng Gerald. I thought so too. Boy, was I wrong. And when i realized it, it hurt.

I believed in happily ever after, romance, passion, much like the heroines in the novels (and yes, fairytales) that I’ve read. I was so in the girlfriend-boyfriend, in a relationship, kind of thing. Quoting from Fifty Shades of Grey, I wanted hearts and flowers. Gerald did not. In fact, I can count with only my five fingers the number of times he gave me flowers during our 8 years together!

Gerald on the other hand, was the opposite. He was simply the “I’m just happy to be with you” kind of guy. Nothing fancy, no thrills, no frills, just “Hi, this is Maan”, and not “Hi, this is Maan, my GIRLFRIEND (with love-sick puppy look in his eyes).” There were times I thought our relationship was boring.

When those differences became apparent, the petty fights came about. I wanted him to text me good night, I love you, every night, but he did not. I wanted him to say he misses me (I know… weekend lang kami magkahiwalay, over! :P), but of course, he did not. I wanted to tickle him (because I thought it was sweet, and fun!) but he would just brush my fingers away with that very mataray look on his face. He wanted to go out with brods, I wanted us to go out on a date. He wanted to just sleep after a duty and I wanted us to cook dinner then watch a home movie after. 

There were two instances when we broke up (cool-off actually, but the term is so high school! :P). First was during 2nd year med proper when I called him “obese”. He took my joke seriously! I saw how his faced crumpled then and how it turned to anger. He did not speak to me for days. Okay, 3 days. Then we got back together. The second time was after we watched the movie If Only. I could totally relate to Jennifer Love Hewitt–the unappreciated girlfriend who gave everything to her man. We cried buckets after the movie, then went on to discuss it. I couldn’t help but spill the beans–I felt like her, unappreciated, unwanted, unloved. Gerald then thought i expected damn too much from him. We broke up. For 3 days again. Then got back together. 🙂

These petty fights and misunderstandings lessened through the years. Looking back, we could have been too young then to be in a serious relationship. But as we stayed together, and grew up (literally) beside each other, we learned to accept each other’s misgivings and shortcomings. I learned to expect less, but held every trickle of a mushy text message, an “I love you” out of the blue, quick kiss and hug, close to my heart. Gerald learned to give more–staying with me instead of going to a frat inuman (sorry brods!), surprising me with a date in Antonio’s and Ninyo, and finally, when he asked me to marry him ( I got flowers this time, 2 dozens!).

Last night, we had a re-run of the movie If Only. Instead of tears, we just laughed through the movie as we remembered our silliness and ridiculousness when we broke up years ago because of that. Hell, it wasn’t even a good movie, we realize now!

Our relationship has overcome difficulties in the past but i’m pretty sure there will be more fights, petty or not, in the future years to come as we live our lives together… Why did you leave the toilet seat up? Why didn’t you wash the dishes? Bakit nagshopping ka na naman? Etc etc. But I’m pretty sure that after every fight we will learn and forget the hurt, like we did in the past… We will grow up more, wiser, older, together, FOREVER. Right, bibi? I love you. 😡