San Miguel Church’s Weekly Confirmation

We’re finally getting our Sacrament of Confirmation on August 4! Haha. We need to find a ninong or a ninang though, any volunteers?

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Here are things you need to know if you plan on getting confirmed at San Miguel Manila:

  • Confirmation schedules: every Thursday at 2:30pm and every Sunday at 10:00am β€” San Miguel no longer has the Saturday schedule
  • Be there an hour early since there will be registration and seminar
  • Walk-ins are accepted. No need to phone for reservation
  • Make sure you have already received the Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession)
  • Bring your baptismal certificate and a photocopy of it (the photocopy will be submitted to the chaplain). If getting married, the baptismal cert should bear the annotation: FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES ONLY
  • Bring a pen to fill out the registration form
  • 1 pair of sponsors (ninong and ninang) β€” But you can bring just 1 ninong OR ninang. If your sponsors are not available, you may bring a proxy
  • Make sure you know the home addresses of your chosen sponsors (these are…

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2 thoughts on “San Miguel Church’s Weekly Confirmation

  1. its Mama Lily’s 85th birthday too on aug 4, but if you need a sub for Tita Ting, being your baptismal ninang, and there are no volunteers for your confirmation, i am willing… tita joyce here

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