The Proposal

Eight years is quite a long time and so many things can change — our contry’s president has already been replaced, a baby can already start Grade 1, and a first year medical student is already a resident. So many things can happen in eight years, especially in a relationship. Some even believe that to last more than eight years is a very big achievement in itself, a.k.a, surviving the “seven year itch”. Thus for Maan and I to last this long on this rollercoaster of love, a grand celebration was needed.

And this grand celebration included dinner, a ring, an iPad video and… a proposal. Yes, we got engaged on our 8th anniversary and it feels great and exciting to finally commit to someone you’ll love forever and ever!

So in this blog, let me walk you through the events that lead to this very special day. You might catch some tips and tricks if you’re planning your own proposal. 🙂 Women may spend countless nights dreaming of THE big wedding day, but as they say, the proposal is the groom’s game.

This post is actually divided into 6 parts. Read the rest of the other parts here:

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