The Backstory

Just for a little perspective, here is our backstory. Believe or not, we trace our almost decade long of friendship since high school. I was an exchange student then at her school UP Rural High for the annual UPIS-UPRHS dual meet. For two weeks I became part of their sophomore class, met most of them, especially this odd, nerdy-looking, pink-loving girl named Maan. THAT my friends was my first impression if her. And unfortunately (or fortunately) this impression did not last. Haha.

We were merely acquaintances back then, and soon lost contact when I returned to school. Of course we did not know that fate would be so kind to us to let us meet again after two years at the UP College of Dentistry for our annual dental check-up required before our admission to the Intarmed program.

I vividly recall the moment she screamed “GeraRd! Di ba ikaw yung exchange student sa amin dati?” She was with her other classmates Gideon and Krista. She said she could hear my boisterous laughter on top of all the hustle of freshmen students. We talked, remembering short stint at Rural High, then I gave her my number. She asked for it. Little did I know that it was the start of a very fruitful relationship.

Honestly we were not that close at the start of our freshman year. I was still driving back and forth from QC to Manila everyday while the rest of my dormer classmates went out after classes.

On our second semester, I eventually decided to get a dorm at PYF building. She helped me unpack my things since she stayed two floors up, and on that night we had the most wonderful and most animated conversation about life, goals and ambitions, and most significantly, our love life. It was like playing truth or dare, but only the truth came out. Everything was just between me and her. We soon found out that were both fresh from heartbreak, and this fact became the cornerstone of our friendship since.

We became inseprable since then. We eat, go to school and go out together with friends. Shopping and dieting were our favorite past times. She’d wake me up 10x to get my ass to our 7am organic chemistry class. We talk, text and chat tirelessly, often through YM, though she’s just two floors above me. We became the bestest of friends, and the worst of enemies.

Summer of second year came, and we both decided to take our relationship further. At first we were both denying that we were an “item”. Soon enough, we accepted the lingering feeling that we have for each other. (cheezyy haha) Soon the tandem Maan&Ge became official, and our friends couldn’t agree more.

We were both happy, and unbelievably scared of losing what we already had. But what’s an achievement without challenges right?

And so, eversince the 22nd of May of 2004, when I asked her, at the sala of their house in Sta. Rosa, the question: “So, mahal mo rin ba ako?” and heard the ominous reply “Oo.” our rollercoaster began, complete with all the ups and downs, the loopty-loops, the corkscrews and the big dips, and the speeding ups and the slowing downs.

We’ve gone through a lot — 7 long and difficult years of med school, months and months of reviewing for the boards, and almost a year and a half of residency. We’ve gone to so many different places, tasted the best of foods, and shared so many experiences together. And we are not getting any younger. Future plans have to be made, and so, on our 8th anniversary, I planned to finally take our relationship a notch higher: to PROPOSE.

This post is actually divided into 6 parts. Read the rest of the other parts here:

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